Multipurpose Copper Vessel

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1. Multipurpose Copper vessel adds a charm to your space.

2. It can be used as flower vase or can be used to store water.

3. Storing water in copper utensil is one of the most economical and convenient ways to purify water while adding healthy properties to it. This practice of drinking copper treated water dates back to the ancient times when there was no fancy technology present. It is suggested that drinking 4-5 glasses of copper treated water in the morning can help in curbing away cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, thyroid, indigestion and much more. It also builds the immunity and thus prevents you from falling sick too often.

4. Easy to clean and maintain. Laker finish.

5. Hand-crafted by skilled Indian artisans.

6. 99%  Pure copper.


8.7 inch * 7 inch


859 gms


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